Wednesday, March 7, 2007

kiab show 001

yay! our first show! we talk about mommy skull fights and emo kids. tell us what you think. shoot us a gmail!

click here to download our show.


hermit in training said...

naomi and ben, thank you for your great service to the world by spreading the knowledge of the emo point system. i will now go forth in my journeys (which aren't very far seeing as how i'm a hermit) and spread the wisdom that is the emo point system. had i but known sooner!

Kaikai said...

Whoa cool new radio show! Oh shit! I'm pretty sure Emo started out to the punk music, punk music was originally known for its political theme. but when punk music started becoming about emotions in the 80s they started calling it emo music.... emo its some crazy style pfft.


ps: you guys rock!