Monday, May 19, 2008


(made on 5.16.08)
we talk about indy. ''water, no thank you, fish make love in it."
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Nekrobomb said...

I actually like this one the least of the four. My problem with all of them is...who reset the traps? I mean, you make a trap and walk past it and stay in that room, did the blue knight make the traps? The big ball in the first one, I mean, was that the only time it came out...and if not did they roll it back in? The fourth one's traps made sense. They were actual people in death make up with poison guns. Okay, there we go. But Short Round makes everything better. Strong Bridge, Slick Shoes, No Time For Love. He should have been at the wedding in the fourth film. No one is reading these.

Nekrobomb said...

You played the Barilla commericial! That's what they want!