Thursday, May 8, 2008


(made on 5.7.08)
ben hates family guy. naomi has problems with her words. we both love halo. n00b!
click here to download the show.

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Nekrobomb said...

Did you see the Star Wars Family Guy? Makes me wonder what the next ones are going to be like. I actually had problems with the show in the beginning. I think it's a lot better. If I had to stalk a celebrity, I'd stalk Jeaux's mom, because I heard she can fit four cocks in her mouth. I know it's gay to want to see four cocks, but like you wouldn't see them because they'd be in her mouth, and it's possible that one could be mine. Of course that might be gay too because mine might touch someone else's? Is that gay? Maybe I wouldn't stalk anyone just to be safe.