Thursday, June 26, 2008


(made on 6.25.08)
we answer the great zombie question. and we end with ben's favorite song.
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Nekrobomb said...

Zombie Query Answer:

Laser Gun, maybe on my wrist
Samuel L. Jackson, my celebrity
Orange Wedge by the Chemical Brothers (when fighting in slow motion)

alt. fantasy answer

Minority Report gun, but enhanced so it blows the heads off
Bjork with a whip made of pink light
Quality Seconds by Orbital

Nekrobomb said...

damn i might have to answer this twice more

Grenade Launcher
Mr. T with Metal Arms
Dang Spot by Plaid

A gun that shot a sword
Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle finale Bruce Lee attire
Leave Home (Underworld Remix 1)

Nekrobomb said...

Japanese Female Zombies?

tetsuo pressure bubble mind power (AKIRA)
Christian bale naked with chainsaw
fangs of love by thrill kill kult

ninja zombies?

tai chi (tai chi master)
oldboy with his hammer
beauty in your eyes by deep forest

robot zombies?

lightning from fingers
kristanna loken on her period
yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1 by flaming lips

brain raping clown zombies?

rune sword with a +3 to killing clown zombies
david duchovney and his giant flashlight
burning bridge by kate bush

zombies on drugs?

angel wings and a broadsword
jay (with silent bob cheering him on)
get yourself high (switches rely on rub remix)

storm trooper zombies?

a black and a white lightsabre
the dread pirate roberts (wesley)
asteroid field by john williams

cinnamon gummy zombies?

my appetite
i'll do this alone in silence

MinkStereo said...

Is like a question made for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

One of my options would be:

1. A huge vacuum and meat grinder 2 in 1.
2. Kurt Cobain
3. Smells Like Teen Spirit alive By: Zombie Kurt Cobain

MinkStereo said...

My Second Option Would be:

1. A vitrifier gun, or hose, I'm not sure how it works, just give it to me.
2. Divine (well I guess she is the celebrity and not the owner of the body)
3. The Benny Hill Theme (Yakety Sax)

MinkStereo said...
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